With a plethora of versatile LED lighting solutions, Tresco® has experience serving a diverse group of clients, from cabinetmakers and kitchen designers, to retail store fixtures and signage fabricators, to home, office and hospitality furniture companies. Please take some time to peruse the following project photography. Once inspired, contact us to find an ideal solution for your unique application.


Tresco® got its start in the late 1980s, making track lights designed for kitchen cabinets. Since then we have continued to develop innovative, "Easy As 1-2-3", lighting solutions specifically for residential cabinetry, shelving and furniture. From pucks to linear to flexible LED options, we have the perfect selection to enhance any style.


Homeowners are spending more and more money each year on building bigger, better closets. With this comes an increased need for specialty lighting solutions for aesthetic and functional purposes. Tresco®'s broad offering of low voltage and battery powered LED lights are the perfect fit.


Whether it is an end cap display, adjustable shelves, backlit graphics or a glass display case, the desired effect is the same: draw the attention of the shopper using strategically placed lighting. Tresco®'s wide range of lighting solutions helps our clients get the most out of their retail displays. From pucks to flexible tape lighting, to custom linear fixtures, to vertical adjustable systems and more, we have the perfect light for your project.


Exhibit displays are similar to retail in their needs, but an important difference is that exhibit projects typically require increased flexibility and accent or ambient lighting over functional/task lighting. For these reasons, Tresco®'s FlexTape is widely used in combination with spot light pucks to enhance the exhibit and draw visitors in to the display.


Whether the relaxing glow of a hotel room or the inviting radiance of a restaurant, lighting is an essential part of our lives and especially important when creating an atmosphere. Tresco® is here to help you create an enjoyable guest experience, accentuate your brand, and save you money.