Lighting 101

Determine Your Best Cabinet Lighting Options

In-Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet lighting is a popular way to display decorative pieces in glass-door cabinets. A puck light shining from above or a linear light hidden behind the face frame are often used.

Another useful in-cabinet lighting application is inside base cabinets, often used with a door sensor to trigger the lights on when the door is opened.

Watch the accompanying video to see Tresco’s in-cabinet as well as upper cabinet lighting solutions.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

A must-have element to any kitchen design today, under-cabinet lighting adds depth to your kitchen, highlights decorative surfaces and assists with tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Puck lights and linear lights with wide beam spreads and high lumen outputs are recommended.

Watch the accompanying video to learn how Tresco tackles under-cabinet lighting.

Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Shelf Lighting

This application can either be decorative lighting, as in the case of open shelving, or utility lighting when additional illumination is desired. Linear lighting, hidden behind the frame or recessed beneath the shelf, is most common.

Cove Lighting

Lighting installed above cabinets or in coves around the ceiling perimeter, provide a brilliant decorative layer of light to any room. Flexible or linear lighting options are most commonly used.

Toe Kick Lighting

This decorative accent lighting can add a layer of depth to kitchens and bathroom vanities. Moderate output, flexible or linear lighting are the best options to achieve consistent light coverage.

Closet Lighting

Big or small, there is one thing everyone hates: a dark closet. Linear and puck lights are the most popular option to provide additional illumination.

Back Lighting

Take your designs to new levels with backlighting. From countertops and shelves to artwork and signs, backlighting provides both decorative and utility lighting in one application.