Introducing "Luniform" Technology

As interior lighting technology reaches new heights, Tresco Lighting continues to bring cutting edge products to market that make your home look its best. In its infancy, LED lighting would produce undesirable “spots” along the fixtures, due to the illumination angle of individual diodes. This is where “Luniform” comes in.


luniform (loo-nuh-fawrm) n. The technology to eliminate "dotted" appearances and reduce unwanted glare within light emitting diode fixtures.

What's Changed

Of course, LEDs didn’t just change overnight. Through our innovation at Tresco Lighting, we were able to design what we call “secondary optics” to diffuse the light and give it a much more even spread, reminiscent of the older fluorescent lights, just without all the maintenance.

Old LED light strip with a dotted appearance

"Dotted" appearance

New Luniform LED list strip with a uniform appearance


Secondary Optics

Secondary optics are lighting components uniquely designed to diffuse LED diodes and reduce glare, such as special lenses and proprietary films.

Diode Technology

Diode technology allows for up to 10X the amount of LED diodes on a single circuit board or substrate, resulting in greater light output and a uniform beam spread.

The Result

In early generations of LED fixtures, the individual LEDs could be seen through the diffuser, resulting in the “spotlight” effect. Using Luniform technology, the light is able to produce an even spread of lighting.

close-up view of an LED diode

Diode Technology Power Pockit® 5W