Lighting 101

Choosing the Fixture

Puck Lighting

Tresco Pockit® or “puck” lights are available in a variety of configurations. Large or small, spot or accent, metal or plastic, linkable or non-linkable, Tresco has a Pockit® light for any application.

Flexible Lighting

FlexTape offers the flexibility you need without sacrificing the quality you demand. Perfect for accent lighting, it can be cut to your desired length and offers high customization to fit behind, around, and under any obstacle to provide illumination where needed.

Linear Lighting

The hottest trend in LED lighting, linear lights are available in a range of styles, sizes, outputs and color temperatures. Popular for their high light output and even illumination, Tresco sets the standard in linear LED selection with our innovative Luniform technology.

Battery Operated Lighting

Useful for applications without electrical outlets nearby and when long periods of illumination is not necessary, our battery operated LEDs come with integrated motion sensors to promote extended battery life.

Custom Solutions

Send us your specs and we’ll build the solution for you. Our Infinex extrusion system gives you a custom LED fixture in 4 simple steps:

1. Choose Your Extrusion Profile
2. Choose Your FlexTape
3. Cut To Size
4. Assemble

Made in the USA, Infinex offers five unique profiles and an array of colors and finishes.

Panel Lighting

Ideal for backlighting countertops, backsplashes, and shelves, Tresco’s Snap LED panels are 12” by 12” squares that can be snapped down to 3” by 3” squares and connected back into any configuration for complete customization.

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