Lighting 101

Choosing the Controller

Low Voltage In-Line Controllers

A popular DIY option, in-line controllers plug directly into our low voltage lights. Options include various touch dimmers, door sensors and motion sensors.

Wireless Controllers

From remotes and miniature magnetic dimmers, to in-wall switches that mimic traditional versions, our FREEDiM Series Wireless Controllers allow for simple installation and the unique portability to control lights from anywhere in your home without the need for cumbersome wires and expensive professional installation.

Watch our accompanying video to see how our FREEDiM Series Wireless Controls can bring new and exciting ideas when planning your next renovation, remodel, expansion, or brand new home.

Traditional Hardwire Wall Switches

Found in every home across the world, hardwired switches provide a reliable permanent installation, but they do require an electrician to install. In-wall switches are available in a variety of styles to power any of our lighting options. In order to use hardwired wall dimmers with Tresco Products, you must use a hardwire power supply. Go to the “Our Products” page and navigate to 12V Power Supply Dimmable Hardwire.